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“2024绿色低碳·循环创新大会”在长沙召开The 2024 Green, Low Carbon, and Circular Innovation Conference was held in Cha

发表时间:2024-05-08 00:22

循环经济是一种特殊模式,从前端的产品到最后的消费弃置再生,这不是一个简单的产品逻辑,需要更多的创新。Circular economy is a special model that goes from frontend products to final consumption abandonment and regeneration. This is not a simple product logic and requires more innovation.    7fcb1bd912e575eab1233260fd475be7.png


      2024年4月27-28日,青合循环经济与碳中和研究院与湖南大学设计艺术学院联合主办‘2024年绿色低碳 循环创新大会—2024年绿色低碳 循环创新大会—循环产品设计量化与化学再生和生物材料应用’首次在长沙举行。可持续产品设计的话题,随着国际可持续发展治理进程加速,越来越得到各方的关注。特别是联合国正在进行的塑料公约谈判,和近期欧盟政策密集出台的企业可持续尽职调查法和生态产品设计法案,从产品的全生命周期角度,对上游产品的原材料和产品标签提出要求。这对于中国绿色转型和企业产品出海产生非常重要的影响。

On April28, 2024, the Qinghe Institute of Circular Economy and Carbon Neutrality and the School of Design and Arts of Hunan University jointly hosted the "2024 Green and Low Carbon Cycle Innovation Conference -2024 Green and Low Carbon Cycle Innovation Conference - Quantification of Circular Product Design and Chemical Regeneration and Application of Biomaterials" for the first time in Changsha. The topic of sustainable product design is receiving increasing attention from all parties as the international sustainable development governance process accelerates. In particular, the ongoing negotiations on the plastic convention at the United Nations, as well as the recent EU policy intensive introduction of the Enterprise Sustainable Due Diligence Act and the Ecological Product Design Act, have put forward requirements for the raw materials and product labeling of upstream products from the perspective of the entire product lifecycle. This has a very important impact on China's green transformation and the export of corporate products.


Zhao Yahui, Secretary of the School of Design and Arts of Hunan University, said in his opening speech that, as one of the earliest design colleges in China to set up the industrial design specialty, the school has been committed to promoting teaching and research in the field of sustainable and ecological design, undertaking a number of national research topics related to green design and sustainable design, and carrying out joint teaching and research on sustainable design with the EU, BRICS and the Belt and Road countries, and jointly launching the China Sustainable Design Learning Network with Tsinghua University.


The conference revolved around product design, especially plastic as an important raw material and application industry material, as well as ongoing international conventions, standards, regulations, and directives. From international policies, sustainable products and ESG relationships, ecological design guidelines, corporate practices, especially packaging, around the EU's requirements for products, product design solutions, and guest speeches were brilliant. Finally, the enterprise school presented a question in the form of a workshop, where participants and students worked together to solve problems.